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System/DevOps Engineer

  • Dubai


Job Description


Our client is looking for System/DevOps Engineer. You will be entirely responsible for a broad range of applications and solutions, such as XCore systems, DBMS, monitoring systems, CI/CD, and automation platforms possess proficiency with the Linux operating system and Python or Go coding


Your primary role involves support for the Linux operating system and numerous services and providing assistance with and creation of monitoring solutions
You are required to Automate and manage configuration

Work on Python or another language scripting
You’ll be responsible for establishing guidelines, processes, and records
You should support Elasticsearch, TSDB (InfluxDB), and other comparable systems
You’ll be asked to support developer tools and web-based initiatives
Support for Windows-based services


Should have a technical background and prior experience in a related position are requirements.
Quite an acquaintance of Linux as they use Ubuntu (both Linux and Windows preferred)
Must be skilled in RDBMS (MySQL/MariaDB) expertise
Knowledge of the elastic stack, key/value stores, column-oriented databases, and TSDB
knowledge of configuration management/IaaC software (Gitlab, Jenkins), SaltStack, Terraform, and automation frameworks

Proficiency with Python, Go, or other related languages for scripting and development
Knowledge of monitoring and alerting systems (Icinga2, Zabbix, Grafana)

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